Classes have been added to Little Gasparilla and Gasparilla Charity Horse Shows.

Added to the 2023 Gasparilla Charity Horse Show —

Class 105 – Hackney Pony Park Pleasure Driving Stake

Also, added to the 2023 Little Gasparilla Show —

Class 25 – ASB Park Pleasure Amateur
Class 69 – ASB Park Pleasure Amateur Stake

The link for online entries is now posted on the Show Information Page. If you are unable to make your entries online, you can also download and print to mail or email a show entry blank. ENTRIES MUST BE MADE BY FEBRUARY 25, 2023.

You will be required to submit your entries with a credit card, but it will not be processed at this time. It will be stored until after the show, so if you wish to swap it out in the office for a check or different card information, you may do so before the end of the show.